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Gary LaBarr is a gold and platinum award-winning musician, producer, and entertainment personality. Renowned for his distinctive harmony writing and pop/rock achievements, Gary has toured the world opening for such prominent acts as Bryan Adams, Eddie Money, R.E.O. Speedwagon, April Wine, K’s Choice, and Lover Boy. He is a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, drums, percussion, harmonica, voice, and sax. He is also an airplane pilot, and a past fire-fighter achieving the rank of Captain. Currently, he owns a production company based out of New York and Toronto. Gary is also the President and Senior Executive Producer of his Internet radio station RealityRadio 101.


What can we say about Michael Swain that the rest of the "geek-dom" world does not know already about him?  Michael can usually be found in his basement recording studio soldering cables, or (believe it or not), making fresh homemade bread! A master at lead guitar, Mike is an audio and technical geek that brings his expertise of sound, recording, and technology to the band. Michael’s house is reminiscent of a Radio Shack store, a Guitar Center Empire, and a computer conglomerate all in one! Need spare parts for ANYTHING electronic, call Michael at...If Michael’s expertise in digital technology was not enough, his day gig was a technical supervisor at a nuclear power plant. If there was ever a guy who knew his way around a voltmeter, it is Michael! Listen to Mike’s amazing lead riff’s and sonic rhythm guitar parts in Walker's Cay music.

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