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Thanks so much for the amazing comments.
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Dan M.
Aug 2021
"Who could possibly give this song, (or this band) a thumbs down?
Crazy. Extraordinaire!"
Love the song, love the band.
I hope that I get to see them live someday.

Ron L.
Aug 2021
"Halo from Austria. nice music, yes?
Luck with your award. Rony"

Donna L.
July 2021
I just love this band.
I have never seen them live, but their songs make so much sense and I can relate to them very much.
Good luck to you Walker's Cay."

Nancy Y.
July 2021
"Hello band WC.
I just wanted to let you know that I love this song. So serene and beautiful."

John T.
July 2021
"Congrats" on your nomination for The Josie Music Awards down in Nashville.  Excellent.  You rock dudes!

Steve C.
April 2021
Hey from Halifax, N.S.  Nice to see another good Canadian band on YouTube.
Great music.  Blessings.

Cameron E.
April 2021
Sophisticated, real, entertaining, scary, and thought provoking.  Incredible.

Pam H.
Feb 2021
Holy Cow.  Talk about a "kick ass" song, wow!  Excellent.
Now this is "musicianship!"

Tommy Y.
Jan 2021
Hey Guys.  Nice interview, nice music.  Stay well.

Cindy Y.
Jan 2121
Loved the interview last night on the radio.

Monica. O.
Jan 2021
I wish that this Covid-19 shit would be over with.
I would love to see live bands perform again.  (Including this one).
Excellent, and very cool.

R. Stemer
Nov 2020
A-O.K. in my book.  This song would make a great Christmas tune on an album.

O. Ashton
Oct 2020
How could anyone NOT like this song, and video.  Jealousy at its best!

D. Lacentili.
Oct 2020
I am loving this song.  You guys are great.
Wish you would come here to London, England. Cheerio!

Bart C.
Oct 2020
Wow.  That is all that I can say.  Who are these guys?

Glen W.
Aug 2020
Love this song.  Fantastic.

Michel R.
July 2020
Wow ! Incredible ! Very Nice !

Mason T.
July 2020
Gruezi, (hello) from Geneva, Switzerland.  Heard your song played on college radio here.
Very good.  I like. Very nice melody.

Music Everywhere
July 2020
Lovely song :)

MusicNation TV
July 2020
Very good song !

Karen J.
Jun 2020
I just absolutely love this song.  Brilliant!

Evan H.
Jun 2020

Ralph H.
June 2020
Another fantastic job show of great formation of verse and chorus structure of a song.
Man, these guys can write."
Very nice job!  I am a music producer/teacher here in California,
and I am going to use this video, (music) to explain some thing's to my students that are well done.

Bret L.
June 2020
This band is EXCELLENT!

Rachel L.
June 2020
Again, a very nice tune. I love the lyric video as well.
Love this band. Such a creative vibe. Very nice.

Joyce D.
May 2020
Hello.  Lovin' this band.  Really refreshing to hear some tasty music.
(Listening in Ottawa, Ontario).

Kelly T.
May 2020
I just love this song.
Wish I saw these guys

Craig J.
May 2020
Heard the interviews, liked what I heard. So I am watching.
I like this song. Pleasant, real, to the point about a relationship.

Don S.
May 2020
New fan of this band.  Heard about you guys from a friend of mine in Ottawa.
Excellent song.

Jane D.
May 2020
I love this song.

Ron R.
May 2020
Hello WC.  Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your video.

Joanne N.
May 2020
This is a very beautiful song. It really shows the power of standing up 4 your beliefs!

Monique L.
May 2020
I love this song.  Such a beautiful job.  Beautiful lyrics.

Grant S.
May 2020
Hello WC.  This is a very good song.  Nice 80's - 90's vibe to it.  That is when rock music was at it's best.  Nice job.

Mike W.
May 2020
Wish I saw this band. Pretty neat.

Wayne C.
May 2020
This song reminds me of my Aunt.  No matter what was discussed in her life, she would laugh.
I guess not a bad trait to have in one's life.  Good song.

Patty G.
May 2020
Hello Walker's Cay.  I just love this song.  So very beautiful.

Janice P.
May 2020
I love this song by the band Walker's Cay.  It really says a lot of things about life.  Check it out.

Susan D.
May 2020
Hello Walker's Cay Band.  I love this video.  Cannot wait to see you.  Stay healthy all of you!

Lenny C.
April 2020
I like this song.  Well done.  Well produced.

Larry J.
April 2020
Amazing Song.  Really Hits Home.  Pass It On!

Jake E.
April 2020
Jake from Knoxville, Tennessee here.  This is a great song.  Sharing it with all of my friends.  THX

Bryan W.
April 2020
Just watched this.  It is extremely powerful.

Kelly T.
Aug  2019
Hello Everyone.  Love this song that you are doing.
I came across your band website from doing some research of Toronto original music acts.
I like your style.  Very nice.  Kelly.

Sean G.
Aug 2019
This is a very cool, inspiring song.  LUV it!

Ann N.
May 2019
Love U guys!!!!!

Ann N.
May 2019
Hello WC!  Long time no hear from you guys.
What gives?
We need to see you!  Let's go!

Jake E.
Apr 2019

Carl S.
Mar 2019
Very nice song.  Tasty.  Cleaver.  
Over the top.

Wallace E.
Mar 2019
Love this

Freda A.
Feb 2019
We should all "Stand Up!"

Charlie N.
FEB 2019
Another great one by WC

Monique L.
Jan 2019

Jody S.
Jan 2019
Awesome video!

Jason R.
Jan 2019
ya hooooooooo....nice.....

Steve L.
Aug 2018
This is a very nice and cool tune.  Like the hook.

Justin L.
Aug 2018
this song is so cool and enlightening.

Joice L.
Aug 2018
Hello WC.  How R U?  I saw your show at The Music Hall in Oshawa.
Are you planning any more shows in the near future in Toronto?
I told my friends about you, and they would love to see you as well.
Constantly checking your web-site for more dates.  Thank you.

James C.
Aug 2018
Hello Walker's Cay.  My girlfriend and I stopped by The Music Hall in Oshawa on Saturday to see your show.
We usually go to the hall to check out new bands.
We enjoyed your music very much.
Is there a mailing list that we can get on to notify us when you are playing again in the GTA?  We would like to see you again.
Thank you for a very entertaining show.

John W.
May 2018
Hello Walker's Cay.  Very looking forward to your show on May 12th.  
I live in NYC and I saw Gary LaBarr in his old band Krayz in Rochester in the 80's.  
I will be in Toronto the week-end of the 12th.  
Looking forward to the show!

Karen J.
April 2018
Hi everyone.  cannot wait until the may 12th show.  
Wahoo...Loving it!
I need pictures with you guys!

Jane D.
April 2018
Hello WC.  Just listened to your songs.  
Saw your promos online for your up and coming show in Oshawa.  
I will be there.  Some of my friends are going, so I will be as well.  
Love your music.  Luv your vid.  See you on the 12th of May.  
You guys sound great!

Ray B.
April 2018
Walker's F-ing Cay!
I listened to you last evening on The Del Morgado Radio Show, and it was a blast.
Cool tunes. I am going to try to make your concert in May if I get to Canada.
I live in Costa Rica.  Rock on.

Winny L.
April 2018
Hi Walker's Cay.  I can't wait to see you guys on May 12th.  
I met Gary LaBarr several years ago when he was in the band Krayz.  What ever happened to them?  
I saw them in NYC in 1987 at The Palace Theater opening for Eddie Money.  I still listen to my Krayz Album.
I will be in Toronto for the May 12th week-end, and I am going to try to get all of my friends to go with me.  
Are you guys playing any Krayz tunes?  See you there.  Wynny.

Frank B.
Mar 2018
L.O.L. Love that song.  Can't wait to her you guys. Following you.
Do you have Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites?
Where can I buy your merchandise?
Thank U.

Gail R.
Mar 2018
Finally!  Playing a show in Oshawa!  Can't wait to see you guys.
I love your songs, and David is quite cute!  :))))  Showtime!

Madden W.
Feb 2018
Yes!!!!!!!!!  I heard that you guys will be performing in Oshawa!!!!!!  Can't wait for the show!!!!!!!

Frank J.
Feb 2018
hi guyz. from toronto. heard about you from some bands that i saw at the moustache club in oshawa.
like to see u perform.  like your music.

Ralph C.
Jan 2018
hey chaps. liked your interview and music video. i saw gary labarr in krayz in the 80's in london,england.
he still sounds the same. glad I could find his new band. you guys sound exceptional.
it would be nice to see you here in manchester, england.

Ron M.
Jan 2018
hey guys. just saw your interview with del mogado.  I learned a lot about you.  
very interesting. like your video.
I am in munich, Germany on a work visa.  
I live in Toronto. good job. I am following you guys.

Jaz L.
Jan 2018
Hey y'all. Listening to the del Morgado radio show, and heard a lot about you.  
I went to your site, and thought very cool.
I am waiting to see if you will be in the Atlanta, Georgia area to play in 2018.  
your music sounds like a vibe of many things.  
I like the acoustic guitar sound with the electric guitar sound.  
do you have any where to buy items.  

Spring C.
Jan 2018
hi. heard ur songs on the radio here in Orlando florida.
I like them. very different from what I usually listen to.

Carla P.
Dec 2017
Hi Guys!  "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"  Wishing all of you the very best in 2018!  
I love your music, and lyrics. Your songs remind me of when music actually meant something.  
All of your tunes tell a story.
They make sense, are nice to listen to, and remind me of life's real issues and happenings.
I cannot wait to see all of you, (and meet all of you) in the New Year.
I am anxiously waiting for you to announce on your web-site your tour schedule for 2018.
I am in the Tampa, Florida area, and would like to see you here.
Thank you.  Carla.

Cody L.
Dec 2017
nice work. i like the lyrics. good harmonies. hope 2 C U soon.

Alexis B.
Dec 2017
Hi Walker's Cay.
I heard about you guys from some friends that were talking about you at The Music Hall in Oshawa.
I live in Ottawa, and I went to your web-site to check you out.
I like your music.  Will you be performing anywhere close to Ottawa in the new year?
I would like to see you guys.
Thank you.  Alexis.

Jay Z.
Dec 2017
Hello Boyz. Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I am enjoying your music.
It is sort of different from most genres. Do you sell any merchandise?
I do not see an e-store on your web-site.
THX.  Please keep up the good work.

Hanna P.
Dec 2017
nice music. very lovely. I love your songs, very moving, and some funny.
looking forward to seeing all of you in Hamilton,
Bermuda. it would be great for you to play here.  
lots of great venues. good luck. Hanna

Monica O.
Dec 2017
Hi Guyz. luv UR stuff.  hearing you on iHeart radio in the big apple.  LUV L.O.L. it happened to me  :)

Susan T.
Nov 2017
Walker's Cay. Great music. Good vibe. Awaiting your show in Montgomery, Alabama!  Can't wait!

Shane B.
Nov 2017
Hey Walkers Cay.  I was listening to an on-line radio station and I heard you guys.  
I actually heard two of your band songs within an hour.  
I love them!  Where do you guys perform?  
I looked on your web-site, and I have not seen any dates listed for 2018 shows as of yet.
I am in the Dallas, Texas area.  Would love to see a show here.  THX Cays!

Riley T.
Nov 2017
Cool shit dudes. I knew a chick who would laugh at everything, and was an ass.  
"all she wants" relates!  Play on.

Joyce P.
Nov 2017
Hello Walker's Cay.  I have been to that island several years ago on a fishing expedition.  
The name of your band is really creative.  I love your songs, and your video.  
Such easy, friendly music that hits at the heart strings of life.  
Will you be playing any shows in California in the future?  I would love to see you.  
Thanks. Joy (A new fan)!

Kyle B.
Oct 2017
Hey. Nice. Rockin' Love all she wants.
where can I buy your album? UR music reminds me of some cool stuff from the 80s 90s.  
Chill out.

Adam A.
Oct 2017
Hey Guys. You are a very good band that has some good music.  
None of this computer driven crap that is out there today. You guys rock like a rock band should.   
I heard a song of yours on a college radio station here in Ontario, Canada.
They played "All she wants to do is laugh."
It is a unique song.  I want to see you guys live.  Where?  When?  In Ontario, or elsewhere? Thank U.

Cindy L.
Oct 2017
This band is really good. I heard their song on a radio station in New York City.  
I have never heard of them before.
When you go to their web-site and listen to their tunes, they are very unique to say the least.  
I would buy their album.  Nice melodies.

Bob V.
Oct 2017
Hey Dudes. Nice song on UR vid!  
I was checking out new bands from T.O., and came across UR web-site.
Thought that I would check U guys out!  
Any gig dates yet so that I can come to see U guys?  Nice vibe on the tunes on the site.  
Sounds very cool!

Rita B.
Sept 2017
Hi Walkers Cay.
I heard you guys on radio in New York City.
When will you be in New York to perform?  Would love to see you guys. Any new videos yet?  
THX Rita

Chad B.
Sept 2017
Nice work! Love the songs on your site.  U guys rock! the end of the video is very funny!  WTF???

Sharon P.
Sept 2017
What a great song, (and band)!  
I cannot wait until I can see these guys live in Denver, CO if they end up touring there.
I love their web-site!  (

Dale J.
July 2017
good work guys

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