Walkerscay Rock Band

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Thanks for the all the amazing comments. WCDan M. "Crazy. Extraordinaire!"Ron L. "Halo from Austria. nice music, yes?"Donna L. "I just love this band. Their songs make so much sense and I can relate to them very much. "Nancy Y. "Hello band WC. I just wanted to let you know that I love this song. So serene and beautiful."John T. "Congrats" on your nomination for The Josie Music Awards down in Nashville. Excellent. "You rock dudes!Steve C. "Hey from Halifax, N.S. Nice to see another good Canadian band on YouTube."Cameron E. "Sophisticated, real, entertaining, scary, and thought provoking. Incredible."Pam H. "Holy Cow. Talk about a "kick ass" song, wow! Excellent.""Now this is "musicianship!"Tommy Y. "Hey Guys. Nice interview, nice music. Stay well."Cindy Y. "Loved the interview last night on the radio."Monica. O. "I would love to see live bands perform again. (Including this one)."R. Stemer "A-O.K. in my book. This song would make a great Christmas tune on an album."O. Ashton. "How could anyone NOT like this song, and video. Jealousy at its best!"D. Lacentili. "I am loving this song. You guys are great.""Wish you would come here to London, England. Cheerio!"Bart C. "Wow. That is all that I can say. Who are these guys?"Glen W. "Love this song. Fantastic."Michel R. "Wow ! Incredible ! Very Nice !"Mason T. "Gruezi, (hello) from Geneva, Switzerland. ""Heard your song played on college radio here.""Very good. I like. Very nice melody."MusicNation TV "Very good song !"Karen J. "I just absolutely love this song. Brilliant!"Evan H. "Stunning."Ralph H. "Another fantastic job show of great formation of verse and chorus structure of a song."Man, these guys can write."Bret L. "This band is EXCELLENT!"Rachel L. "Again, a very nice tune. I love the lyric video as well.""Love this band. Such a creative vibe. Very nice."Joyce D. "Hello. Lovin' this band. Really refreshing to hear some tasty music."Kelly T. "I just love this song. Wish I saw these guys"Craig J. "Heard the interviews, liked what I heard. So I am watching."" like this song. Pleasant, real, to the point about a relationship."Don S. "New fan of this band. Heard about you guys from a friend of mine in Ottawa.""Excellent song."Jane D. "I love this song."Ron R. "Hello WC. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your video."Joanne N. "This is a very beautiful song. It really shows the power of standing up 4 your beliefs!"Monique L. "I love this song. Such a beautiful job. Beautiful lyrics."Grant S. "Hello WC. This is a very good song. Nice 80's - 90's vibe to it.""That is when rock music was at it's best. Nice job."Mike W. "Wish I saw this band. Pretty neat."Wayne C. "This song reminds me of my Aunt.""No matter what was discussed in her life, she would laugh.""I guess not a bad trait to have in one's life. Good song."Patty G. "Hello Walker's Cay. I just love this song. So very beautiful."Janice P. " love this song by the band Walker's Cay. ":It really says a lot of things about life. Check it out."Susan D. "Hello Walker's Cay Band. I love this video. ""Cannot wait to see you. Stay healthy all of you!"Lenny C. "I like this song. Well done. Well produced."Larry J. "Amazing Song. Really Hits Home. Pass It On!"Jake E. "Jake from Knoxville, Tennessee here. This is a great song. "Sharing it with all of my friends. THXBryan W. "Just watched this. It is extremely powerful."Kelly T. "Hello Everyone. Love this song that you are doing.

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